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  1. It has simple leaves found dorsiventral in length.
  2. It has simple dorsiventral leaves with a dissected blade that are in length and wide.
  3. Simple nutation occurs in dorsiventral organs, such as flat leaves, both foliage and floral.
  4. Changes in temperature cause flowers to open or close by movements which resemble the simple nutation of dorsiventral organs.
  5. Molecular genetics has also shed light on the relation between radial symmetry ( characteristic of stems ) and dorsiventral symmetry ( typical for leaves ).
  6. The underside of the leaf-like lobes of foliose lichens is a different color from the top side ( dorsiventral ), often brown or black, sometimes white.
  7. Like movements of radial organs, such as stems, cylindrical leaves, and roots, have been termed circumnutation, or revolving nutation, to distinguish them from the simple nutation of dorsiventral organs.
  8. "' Leaf Anatomy "': The leaves of all species are built on a dorsiventral arrangement of cells, with the epidermis and palisade layer on the adaxial surface and the spongy tissue on the abaxial surface.
  9. When " Lellingeria " was first described in 1991, it was thought to always have a radially symmetrical rhizome, but it has since been learned that some of the species that belong in " Lellingeria " have a dorsiventral rhizome.
  10. "Klebsormidium ", the type of the Klebsormidiophyceae, is a simple filamentous form with circular, plate-like chloroplasts, reproducing by fragmentation, by dorsiventral, biciliate swarmers and, according to Wille, a twentieth-century algologist, by aplanospores.

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