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  1. Perhaps the SoHo Grand's real drawing card, however, is out the window.
  2. The game play goes through a series of turns by drawing cards.
  3. Many educators express embarrassment that sports is such an important drawing card.
  4. As a result, the winner was decided by means of drawing cards.
  5. Having Trump over the door is still an enormously successful drawing card.
  6. And that's one of the drawing cards for local television producer Conne Ward-Cameron.
  7. A big drawing card for Mexican and Mexican-American tourists is the Selena statue.
  8. The scenic river is, no doubt, the area's largest drawing card.
  9. And in doing so, he robustly supported Vaughn and was a drawing card.
  10. They may also receive equipment from drawing cards after they complete the dungeons.


  1. a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers
    पर्याय: loss leader, leader
  2. an entertainer who attracts large audiences; "he was the biggest drawing card they had"
    पर्याय: draw, attraction, attractor, attracter

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