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  1. It's product and promotion that drive frequency and loyalty in fast food.
  2. As a model for phase-locked loops, ? may be interpreted as a driving frequency.
  3. Thus the detuning between the changed cavity and the unchanged laser driving frequency is modified.
  4. By adjusting the amplitude of the driving frequency one can see period doubling, and eventually chaos.
  5. The parametron is essentially a resonant circuit with a nonlinear reactive element which oscillates at half the driving frequency.
  6. where \, \ ! F _ 0 is the driving amplitude and \, \ ! \ omega is the driving frequency for a sinusoidal driving mechanism.
  7. In analog microampere-meter-based horn analyzers, the user identifies the frequencies manually, using the meter to detect the points of minimum and maximum current while sweeping the driving frequency.
  8. The next development step of the cyclotron concept, the isochronous cyclotron, maintains a constant RF driving frequency and compensates for relativistic effects by increasing the magnetic field with radius.
  9. Another potential problem with amplitude modulation is that a sudden change to a more repulsive ( less attractive ) force can shift the resonance past the drive frequency causing it to decrease again.
  10. The dimensions of capacitors in the low-and high-pass filters are chosen to avoid resonances near the drive frequency . ( 3 ) The microwave bend radius has a minimum value of three times the stripline width.

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