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  1. We need to drive members of Congress to a state of reason,
  2. There have been rare instances in which The Earthbound were joined on stage by former Drive members.
  3. An outer housing and a central hub or " inner star " form the input and output drive members.
  4. For auxiliary aides, who were non-driving members, 12 days experience in the accident ward of a hospital was necessary.
  5. Except for the Sabbath and holidays when the faithful cannot drive, Cohen drives members to and from services and activities.
  6. However, Interior Minister Otto Schily has already voiced reservations, saying it could drive members underground and make them even more militant.
  7. Deo's brother Sucha, 44, of east London, was jailed for three years for his part, which involved driving members of the gang around Britain.
  8. Beijing calls the group a cult that drives members to suicide, though it was clearly spooked by Falun Gong's millions of sometimes highly organized members.
  9. In 2010, Avalon Drive members Damion Page, Wil Morris and Shane Holmes announced the band's return for a one-off reunion show at The Hi-Fi Bar in Brisbane.
  10. The process of reviewing the transferred files was invented for the first drive, in September 2011, and has evolved since then through drive member input and reviewer experience.

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