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  1. The realisation of the driving point impedance is by no means unique.
  2. Cauer determined the driving point impedance by the method of Lagrange multipliers;
  3. Not every possible mathematical function for driving point impedance can be realised using real electrical components.
  4. Foster's second form of driving point impedance consists of a number of parallel connected series LC circuits.
  5. The radiation pattern and even the driving point impedance of an antenna can be influenced by the dielectric constant and especially conductivity of nearby objects.
  6. If the potential and flow quantities are measured at the same point then impedance is referred as driving point impedance; otherwise, transfer impedance.
  7. This is sometimes referred to as the driving point impedance because it is the impedance at the place in the network at which the external circuit is connected and " drives " it with a signal.
  8. Additionally, Boucherot cells are sometimes used across the bass driver ( and mid-range ) of a speaker system, in order to maintain a more constant driving point impedance as " seen " by a passive crossover.
  9. This is used to generate an expression for the input impedance of the filter ( the driving point impedance ) which then, by a process of continued fraction or partial fraction expansions results in the required values of the filter components.
  10. The log periodic is commonly used in high power driving point impedance ) are almost constant over its entire frequency range, with the match to a 300 ? feed line achieving a standing wave ratio of better than 2 : 1 over that range.

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