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  1. The dust cap limits the amount of dangerous loosening that can occur.
  2. Typically the dust cap is made of the same material as the cone.
  3. A more common approach is to employ the dust cap as a high frequency radiator.
  4. These types of dust caps, being press-fit, are difficult to remove with bending or damaging them.
  5. The actuator contains the mating discharge nozzle and generally includes a dust cap to prevent contamination.
  6. The venting was via the cloth spider and cloth dust caps, not so much through the surround.
  7. The 1 / 4MOA coin-adjusted turrets sit under screw-off dust caps, and the lenses are protected by transparent covers on elastic.
  8. In some loudspeaker designs dust caps can also be part of the acoustic design of the driver by radiating high frequency energy or suppressing it.
  9. Plastic dust caps were later issued to cover the feed end of the magazine and keep out dust as well as protect the sensitive feed lips.
  10. The dust cap radiates low frequencies, moving as part of the main assembly, but due to low-mass and reduced damping, radiates increased energy at higher frequencies.

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