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  1. Barnett's net yield on earning assets fell to 5.05 percent from 5.30 percent.
  2. Companies would rather put their money in higher earning assets than real estate.
  3. The firm expects to more than triple those fee-earning assets in five years.
  4. "When you phase out goodwill, you're are not taking away any earning asset,"
  5. Meanwhile the net yield on interest-earning assets narrowed to 3.26 percent from 4.33 percent.
  6. In balance sheet terms, OREO assets are considered non-earning assets for purposes of regulatory accounting.
  7. "It's a non-earning asset that costs you, " as banks must pay for storage, Warren said.
  8. Net interest income fell 3.6 percent to $ 306.4 million, reflecting the drop in interest-earning assets.
  9. Barnett's net yield on earning assets fell to 5 . 05 percent from 5 . 30 percent.
  10. The strong performance was driven by growth in Latin American operations, investment banking fees, and interest-earning assets.

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