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  1. We must " not " give a skewed, edulcorated view of Wikipedia to our readers.
  2. The newspaper caters to a conservative, fascist, borgeouis public and its chief-editor Bizanti tries in all manners to give a right-wing slant even to the most trivial news items, while at the same time edulcorating and desensitizing the thornier issues, such as unemployment, police brutality and so on.
  3. The negative assessments were later endorsed by literary historian Georgeta Ene, who noted : " Iorga's magazines have drawn around them a significantly large'constellation'of minor writers and have produced a dull, edulcorated, inconsistent literature, which only went as far as to obstinately perpetuate themes originating in " Smntorism ", demonstrating their fundamental inability of aesthetically reaching the grandeur and sublime contained by Iorga's concept ".


  1. make sweeter in taste
    पर्याय: sweeten, dulcify, dulcorate

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