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  1. To maintain seniority in the Class II, junior officers had to under take a second efficiency bar exam and interview.
  2. After completion of their cadet-ship, they would face an efficiency bar exam and interview and made permanent as officers of Class II taking up posts such as assistant secretary, assistant commissioner or assistant government agent.
  3. Following Hammond s second visit, Governor Alexander Ransford Slater, approved a proposal by the general manager, G . R . Webb, imposing an efficiency bar examination for African clerks trying to qualify for salary increases.
  4. On January 12, 1926, at a meeting between the chief mechanical engineer, Malthus, and the president of the Railway Workers Union, the administration insisted on the efficiency bar exams and failed to address the workers requests outlined in their petitions, which finally resulted in A . E . Richards, the workers leader, verbally notifying the administration of the workers intention to strike.

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