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  1. Efficiency factors are used in performance rating and remuneration calculation exercises.
  2. Improving solar cell efficiency factors will continue to make this a progressively more-cost-effective option.
  3. The efficiency factor for this mission was per ton.
  4. That is an efficiency factor of 12 for mutations due to sub-staging without any change in probability.
  5. The bombing efficiency factor was per ton.
  6. Shockley and Queisser call the efficiency factor associated with spectrum losses, for " ultimate efficiency function ".
  7. This resulted in about, or 41.9 % of the city destroyed for an efficiency factor of per ton.
  8. The efficiency factor was per ton.
  9. Having covered the efficiency factor while we are burning a maximum, how then do we keep the flame alive?
  10. This was 74 % of the total built up area of the town for a bombing efficiency factor of per ton.

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