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  1. Except for those in the facade, the columns lack entasis.
  2. The feature was designed using the principle of entasis.
  3. Entasis is an ancient Greek term meaning tensioning.
  4. Gable and eave curves are gentler than in China and columnar entasis ( convexity at the center ) limited.
  5. Donald Francis } } compares the artful simplicity of the development with the entasis of the Parthenon's columns.
  6. In May 2007, the small Danish architectural practice Entasis was chosen as winner of the competition among 220 entries.
  7. The columns have a very strong entasis or curvature down their length, an indication of an early date of construction.
  8. The building includes columns that have " entasis, bulbous bases and hypotrachelia, and blocky square-profile capitals ."
  9. The columns are wider at the base than at the top, tapering with an outward curve known as " entasis ".
  10. Classical ziggurats emerged in the Neo-Sumerian Period with articulated buttresses, vitreous brick sheathing, and entasis in the elevation.


  1. a slight convexity in the shaft of a column; compensates for the illusion of concavity that viewers experience when the sides are perfectly straight

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