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  1. The obvious barrier to extending the project to encompass all working children is the minimum entrance age of 12.
  2. You push the first-grade curriculum down into kindergarten with one hand while driving the kindergarten entrance age up with the other.
  3. The new system lowered the entrance age for pupils from seven to six, and no longer separated primary and intermediate schools.
  4. While many students join conservatories at the usual university entrance age, some conservatories also include a'Lise'( Lycee ), in effect a specialist music school for children aged 14 to 18 years.
  5. The new Trustees passed a new set of rules for the School, including a leaving age of 15, a minimum entrance age of 8, twice school yearly examinations and most importantly, an immediate payment of ?00 by any incoming Headmaster into a bond as insurance against discharge or death.
  6. Storer offered to pay for the boy's college tuition, but then with the help of publisher Heinrich Roedter contacted congressman David Tiernan Disney and managed to secure an appointment to the United States Military Academy, although the process started when Godfrey was just 14 ( the minimum entrance age was 16 ) and the tall youth arrived in West Point, New York months after his 15th birthday.

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