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  1. Children ages 12 and younger don't have to pay the entrance fee.
  2. Visitors, after paying an entrance fee, can either participate or just watch.
  3. It has ended its dalliance with an entrance fee, which depressed attendance.
  4. I wonder if I can expense it as a museum entrance fee?
  5. At the present moment Society membership doesn t demand any entrance fee.
  6. The hall is open daily to visitors for a small entrance fee.
  7. Strangers may be politely questioned before paying the $ 16 entrance fee.
  8. The entrance fee of $ 5 includes the commentary of MacLeod himself.
  9. The entrance fee for a day picnic is $ 8 per car.
  10. Search and rescue costs are currently paid for by park entrance fees.


  1. the fee charged for admission
    पर्याय: admission, admission charge, admission fee, admission price, price of admission, entrance money

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