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  1. The Entrance Hall is the first thing you see as you enter.
  2. Also, entrance halls often featured painted or papered walls to simulate stone.
  3. To either side of the entrance hall are two equally proportioned rooms.
  4. Black and white tiles provide an elegant floor to the entrance hall.
  5. The central place where visitors were received was a large entrance hall.
  6. The entrance hall ceiling is supported by Scagliola columns and Ionic tetrastyle.
  7. The entrance hall was floored with polished terrazzo bordered by white marble.
  8. Access to the western brick extension is directly from the entrance hall.
  9. Its flooring is of volcanic stone which continues into the entrance hall.
  10. Steps from the West Entrance Hall lead up to the west corridor.


  1. a large entrance or reception room or area
    पर्याय: anteroom, antechamber, hall, foyer, lobby, vestibule

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