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  1. Entrance money should not be collected at churches.
  2. The same article reported that Mulligan had already posted entrance money with the NFL, and that Hartford would have a place in the league in 1926.
  3. Yuki's hard-earned entrance money is stolen, and she joins a band of street musicians as a vocalist, soon becoming popular on the streets and online.
  4. Initially, they pooled entrance money collected at a number of label set-up shows, and this was set aside as a record pressing fund usable by any band on the label.
  5. With the help of the Piggly Wiggly customers and the reluctant agreement of Pete, the girls raise the $ 100 entrance money as Pete reveals to his superior that he will leave for Richmond to go to college after he has a discussion " with someone about going to Richmond with me . " This person is obviously Rosalee, but a news crew outside her house signals her success at winning a date with Tad Hamilton, and as Pete sees her off at the airport he sadly warns her to guard her " carnal treasure . " Rosalee is awed by Los Angeles and becomes tongue-tied in Tad's presence; the date does not go well as Rosalee throws up in the limo and Tad mentioning his love of animals which Pete had warned was a signal of sexual intentions rouses her suspicions.

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