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  1. Her earlier scholarly writing centered on psycho-social influences in entrepreneurial decision-making.
  2. "It's an entrepreneurial decision, not a government decision ."
  3. However, venture capitalists'decisions are often biased, exhibiting for instance overconfidence and illusion of control, much like entrepreneurial decisions in general.
  4. Small farmers also are quick to adapt to modern technology and are adept at taking entrepreneurial decisions that can help feed an expanding world population, Naish said.
  5. He reasoned that the survival of a few firms from a large number of firms that entered the market may be due to random entrepreneurial decisions rather than brilliance or cunning.
  6. Success and survival rests upon the market s response to the firm s products; entrepreneurial decision-making cannot be tied to an explicit maximizing objective because the future is not known, and, at best, it is a mish-mash of probabilistic outcomes.
  7. "I think I brought a level of professionalism and an inclination for making fact-based decisions as opposed to entrepreneurial decisions and a discipline in management processes, " he said, noting that his lack of food industry experience was an asset at first.

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