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  1. Next to the last-named barracks was the Landwehr Equipment Depot.
  2. Brooks trained in Brandon, Manitoba through October prior to being sent to a Winnipeg equipment depot to serve as a guard.
  3. They reached Cape Sabine expecting to find food and equipment depots from the supply ships, but these had not been provided.
  4. Many local people found work in the barracks, the attached post administration, the munitions depot, the equipment depot, and the sanitary depot.
  5. The schools and flying squadrons are supported by a full range of services and amenities including workshops, transport fleets, living quarters, equipment depots, and sporting & entertainment facilities.
  6. The Jeita caves in which the five presses were discovered were used as arms and equipment depots by the right-wing Christian Phalangist militia throughout much of the war.
  7. General Patton's Desert Training Center encompassed the entire region, with its headquarters in Camp Young at the Chiriaco Summit and an equipment depot maintained by the 66th Ordnance in present-day Palm Desert.
  8. With the onset of World War II, the United States Navy took over the property as the " Albany Naval Landing Force Equipment Depot " for storing hundreds of landing craft destined for use in the Pacific theater.
  9. Throughout World War II the majority of civilian war workers in Codornices Village worked as shipbuilders at Mare Island, while another large portion of residents were Navy personnel who worked at the nearby Naval Landing Force Equipment Depot adjacent to the Albany Bulb.

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