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  1. But Langner believes the company will have to recapitalize, diluting equity shareholders'value.
  2. But it turned out to be a good move for Special Equities shareholders.
  3. The remaining $ 900 million will come from the equity shareholders in the project.
  4. Stripes Group is also open to co-investing, with management teams being significant equity shareholders.
  5. Bank depositors should be guaranteed of their money while equity shareholders should bear the risk,
  6. In exchange, Caltech and USC became equity shareholders in DMFCC and receive a royalty on sales.
  7. With the support of its new private equity shareholder Permira, AMS left the Vienna stock exchange the same year.
  8. It stated that " the potential proceeds from the current proposals would potentially leave no or limited value to equity shareholders ".
  9. "The focus of Vishay's management team on bottom-line results and the stock's performance should be highly attractive to equity shareholders, " the analyst said.
  10. Putnam OTC had soared by 55.94 percent in 1995, and DiCarlo became a marquee name thanks to a 84.49 percent gain for Special Equities shareholders in 1991.

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