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  1. Usually, the only result of interest is the equivalence point.
  2. The titration curve can be used to graphically determine the equivalence point.
  3. Both equivalence points are visible . ]]
  4. Prior to the equivalence point, the solution contains I  " but little I 2.
  5. Therefore, the alkalinity is modeled and quantified with respect to the CO 2 equivalence point.
  6. Thus the pH will equal the pK a which occurs half-way to the equivalence point.
  7. At the equivalence point, excess I 2 appears and an abrupt voltage drop marks the end point.
  8. Between the two buffer regions there is an end-point, or equivalence point, at about pH 3.
  9. This continues until the equivalence point is reached, at which one obtains a solution of sodium chloride, NaCl.
  10. In a titration of an acid with a base, the point of neutralization can also be called the equivalence point.

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