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  1. International networking contributes to the establishment of standards for education and practice.
  2. Before the establishment of Standard Basque in the 1970s, it was spelled " Euzko Jaurlaritzaren Lendakari ".
  3. Along with tools such as CruiseControl, Anthill contributed to the establishment of standard tools for continuous integration practices.
  4. It included the establishment of standard structures with improvements in security, the fixing of dressing rooms and of the press room.
  5. Match promotion for the purpose of advancing fine accuracy with these arms and the establishment of standard practices for competition . 2.
  6. This covered matters such as the establishment of standard contracts for all state players and an agreed method of remunerating all first-class cricketers in Australia.
  7. �stensen is particularly known for his work with the organization and accessibility of map information and have made a particular effort establishment of standards for online information.
  8. These organizations are responsible to the government for the examination and licensing of practitioners, the establishment of standards of practice, the investigation of public complaints against members, and the disciplining of members.
  9. Instead of depending on textbooks and tests to spell out what students learn, the new school of thought is to approach it from the other direction _ beginning with the establishment of standards.
  10. In Toronto, Canada the gauge for TTC subways and streetcars was chosen in 1861, years after the establishment of standard gauge in Britain, but well before standard gauge in the US and Canada.

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