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  1. Some questions that have been raised regarding my reliance on Kuhn's theory of paradigms, and I'll use these as an opportunity to comment on what I think Jews and friends of Israel will have to do if they are to meet the challenge I've described. Nov. 5, 2011 update : As the euro currency is imperiled, Matthew d“Ancona writes in the Daily Telegraph about its false premises on an internationalist order and makes reference to Israel: One of the many errors the Founding Fathers of the euro made was to underestimate the resilience of the nation state. Yes, we live in a world in which technology, money and people flow across borders with greater ease than ever before. Globalisation makes the planet dramatically interdependent: Philip Bobbitt, the constitutional historian, has written brilliantly of the emergence of what he calls the ”market state". Even so, the nation has retained much of its cohesion, its significance and its grip on popular loyalty. One of the reasons that international elites hate Israel so much is that it is the clearest and most passionate example of this durability.
    इजरायल भी नये स्तर से पूरी तरह मुक्त नहीं है, जैसा कि अव्राहम बर्ग का मामला दिखाता है। इजरायल संसद के पूर्व सभापति और प्रधानमंत्री पद के दावेदार ने एक स्तर से दूसरे स्तर पर जाते हुए नरसंहार की तुलना पर एक पुस्तक लिखी जिसमें इजरायल की तुलना नाजी जर्मनी से की। वे अब इजरायल को यहूदी लोगों के रक्षक के रूप में नहीं देखना चाहते। बर्ग का दुखद उदाहरण प्रदर्शित करता है कि कोई भी नये स्तर के रोग से मुक्त नहीं है।

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