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  1. Tenley's dad ( Bruce Davison ) smugly tells her that he invited her ex boyfriend to come visit.
  2. My ex boyfriend ( who was not my ex at that time ) jailed broken my iPhone with Cydia and Pangu.
  3. The clear inference in the article is that the First Lady killed an ex boyfriend because he was going out with one of her best friends.
  4. "' The Day I Ran Into All My Ex Boyfriends "'is a 1998 short film which aired on the Sundance Channel.
  5. The emergence at the same time of an anti-YBA group, The Stuckists, co-founded by her ex boyfriend, Billy Childish, gave another angle to media coverage.
  6. At the asylum, Chanel is awoken by a knife wielding Red Devil who was revealed to be her ex boyfriend Chad Radwell who dresses as the Devil to scare Chanel inside the hospital.
  7. But Gin's hard work to build up May's reputation at GZS is soon threatened when May's con-artist ex boyfriend Wong Tai-lung gets a job at GSZ and has ulterior motives.
  8. At the Founder's Ball, an ex boyfriend of Jenna's ( Sara Canning ), Logan Fell ( Chris Johnson ), the town's news reporter attempts for a reconciliation but Jenna turns him down because he was the reason she left Mystic Falls in the first place.
  9. She launched A New Mode in 2009 with her ex boyfriend, Eric Charles, and the site quickly attracted a large following due to their unique and insightful relationship content, which gets to the heart of why men act the way they do and what it takes to have a truly fulfilling, healthy, happy relationship.
  10. The most well-rounded, normal, least psychotic man to arrive on the cobbles in at least 20 years and he's binned off in the space of five dates, via that well-known break-up method where you get your ex boyfriend along to hold your hand and hope that your new boyfriend gets the message . " Corcoran hoped Hamish would return and become a love interest to another character.

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