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  1. It provides non-binding recommendations for return or for ex gratia payments.
  2. The matter was considered by the War Cabinet which authorised ex gratia payments to the injured crew.
  3. He also received an ex gratia payment from the BCCI when his house was damaged in the floods in Poona in the 1960s.
  4. Murtha said he expected any ex gratia payment would come close to the nearly US $ 2 million he will seek through the court.
  5. On 2 June 2011, fifty years after his conviction, Beamish was granted a A $ 425, 000 ex gratia payment by the Western Australian government.
  6. Pedersen stated that if the authorities wanted to terminate the project, he was willing to do so, but expected an ex gratia payment in return.
  7. The right thing to happen would be for the government of the United States to agree to make ex gratia payments and get everyone looked after.
  8. On 16 April, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced an ex gratia payment Rs 100, 000 to the next of kin to persons killed in the storm.
  9. Initially, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sanctioned an ex gratia payment of Rs 100, 000 ( US $ 2, 300 ) to the next of kin of the dead.
  10. In June 2010 Germany announced it will pay $ 5, 000 to each of almost all of the identified families, as an ex gratia payment without admitting liability.

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