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  1. The surface of this sphere represents the pure exteriority, composed of " terminal actualities ".
  2. The creation of the world consists in the opening of this exteriority horizon where every thing becomes visible.
  3. Part III, RECONSTITUTION OF SELF : YEATS THE RELIGION OF ART . Chapter 5, Exteriority of Self.
  4. According to Henry, life can never be seen from the exterior, as it never appears in the exteriority of the world.
  5. The work of Michel Henry is based on Husserlian phenomenology, which acknowledges as phenomenon only that which appears in the world, or exteriority.
  6. Life is by nature invisible because it never appears in the exteriority of a look; it reveals itself in itself without gap or distance.
  7. This contact with exteriority is capital : it is what will make possible the distinction between " soul " and " mind ".
  8. The priority for Fran�ois Jullien is to constitute this exteriority, and the remainder of his work consists of a reevaluation of the foundations of European thought.
  9. The primary differences between Adler and Freud centered on Adler's contention that the social realm ( exteriority ) is as important to psychology as is the internal realm ( interiority ).
  10. Wilber describes vision-logic, a non-dominating, global awareness of holistic hierarchy, in which the pathological dissociations of Nature from Self, interiority from exteriority, and creativity from compassion are transformed into healthy differentiations.

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