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  1. A regular exterminator may say no thanks to such a job.
  2. The exterminator, the undertaker, the big-game hunter.
  3. Every major program has enough bugs to make an exterminator rich.
  4. If all this seems a little much, call an exterminator.
  5. As an exterminator, Alan Friedman kills insects for a living.
  6. In between, the exterminator turned into " The Terminator ."
  7. These products are often sold at exterminator or pest supply houses.
  8. His son, Exterminator and Triple Crown champion, Sir Barton.
  9. After his baseball career ended, Caballero worked as an exterminator.
  10. He became the jockey for Exterminator in the 1918 Kentucky Derby.


  1. someone who exterminates (especially someone whose occupation is the extermination of troublesome rodents and insects)
    पर्याय: terminator, eradicator

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