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  1. Is it orthohombic, hexagonal or face centered cube?
  2. Grain boundary diffusion is significant in face centered cubic metals below about 0.8 T melt ( Absolute ).
  3. Example, cubic face centered becomes cubic-face-centered.
  4. Lattice arrangement in metals often takes the structure of body centered cubic, face centered cubic, or hexagonal close packed.
  5. The crystal structure it forms is called face centered cubic .-- Bmk 18 : 17, 21 July 2006 ( UTC)
  6. Thomson structures or Widmanst�tten patterns are created as the meteorite cools, at high temperatures both iron and nickel have face centered lattices.
  7. And indeed the crystalline simple metal structures are often either close packed face centered cubic ( fcc ) or hexagonal close packing ( hcp ) lattices.
  8. Permalloys typically have the face centered cubic crystal structure with a lattice constant of approximately 0.355 nm in the vicinity of a nickel concentration of 80 %.
  9. This study showed that the Mn 2 + ions form a face centered cubic magnetic sub-lattice where there are ferromagnetically coupled sheets that are anti-parallel with adjacent sheets.
  10. The absorption of hydrogen produces two different phases, both of which contain palladium metal atoms in a face centered cubic ( fcc, octahedral hole per metal atom ).
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