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  1. However, substantial drainage via the ophthalmic, infraorbital, and deep facial veins communicates with the cavernous sinus ( ref ).
  2. Infections may also be introduced by facial lacerations and by bursting pimples in the areas drained by the facial vein.
  3. This is possible because of venous communication ( via the ophthalmic veins ) between the facial vein and the cavernous sinus.
  4. The venous drainage system of the cheek is predominantly formed by the anterior facial vein, which subsequently communicates with the internal jugular vein.
  5. In patients with thrombophlebitis of the facial vein, pieces of the clot may break off and enter the cavernous sinus, forming a cavernous sinus thrombosis.
  6. The triangle of Farabeuf is bounded by the internal jugular vein ( posterior ), common facial vein ( anterior-inferior ) and hypoglossal nerve ( anterior-superior ).
  7. It then crosses the posterior root of the zygomatic arch, enters the substance of the parotid gland, and unites with the internal maxillary vein to form the posterior facial vein.
  8. The anterior facial vein lies lateral / posterior to the artery, and takes a more direct course across the face, where it is separated from the artery by a considerable interval.
  9. Others, like Dr . Joop Grevelink, director of the dermatology laser center at MGH, prefer lasers for facial veins . In laser treatments, short pulses of light are aimed at the blood vessels.
  10. Because of its connections with the facial vein via the superior ophthalmic vein, it is possible to get infections in the cavernous sinus from an external facial injury within the Danger area of the face.


  1. any of several veins draining the face
    पर्याय: vena facialis

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