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  1. Georgia-Pacific said the contract doesn't include certain grades of gypsum-facing paper that it makes itself.
  2. Monterey County faces paper losses of about $ 16 million on its $ 338 million portfolio.
  3. Leave the center rectangle attached to the face paper, making a solid rectangular core of plaster surrounded by a 2-inch-wide paper border.
  4. But oil prices continued upward, and by the end of June, the affidavit said, the company faced paper losses of $ 30 million.
  5. However, officials said that because of the statute of limitations, officers only faced paper reprimands, although 29 officers and supervisors were transferred out of the division after a 1994 audit of misconduct allegations.
  6. In addition to higher postage costs, direct mail and other firms face paper prices that are expected to rise 30 percent this year, according to Gene Del Polito, executive director of the trade group Advertising Mail Marketing Association in Washington, D . C.
  7. The plaster veneer method begins with the hanging of specially designated drywall ( " blueboard " ), in the conventional manner ., N . B . In North America, the color of the face paper of drywall indicates its intended application : white for standard, green for moisture resistance, etc . Plaster veneer wallboard is blue or gray.

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