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  1. An upper quadrant signal replaced the previous shunting disc and a facing point lock was added to the points.
  2. Also, fouling bars have been installed to prevent points being moved ( when the Facing Point Lock is not in use ).
  3. For reasons of economy, all points and facing point locks are worked manually from the existing lever frame, from which all the mechanical interlocking has been removed.
  4. For example, in British practice, the following code generally applies : a red lever controls a stop signal or shunt signal, a yellow lever controls a distant signal, a black lever controls a set of points, a blue lever controls a facing point lock, and a white lever is spare.
  5. The inspector limited the use of the line north of Dereham to 12 days per year for passenger trains due to the lack of operational signalling equipment in the Dereham station area and the absence of a Facing Point Lock on the points immediately north of Norwich Road level crossing, this legally means they must be clipped and locked manually prior to use by passenger trains.

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