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  1. They will quickly sprout out into asparagus'characteristic ferny foliage.
  2. This, too, has ferny foliage and pyramid-shaped racemes.
  3. Brisbane Bus Lines previously operated services from Westfield Strathpine to Ferny Hills.
  4. Today it operates services between Ferny Grove station and Strathpine.
  5. The name Stinking Gully was officially changed to Ferny Gully in 1930.
  6. In this adaptation, Ferny Sr . is portrayed by Dallas Barnett.
  7. It became Scout Adventures Ferny Crofts in September 2016.
  8. Clusters of tubular flowers open in April, drifting over finely cut ferny foliage.
  9. However Ferny Creek Reserve has mainly recreational function.
  10. Ferny Hills is almost entirely a residential suburb.


  1. abounding in or covered with ferns; "the ferny undergrowth"
    पर्याय: ferned
  1. resembling ferns especially in leaf shape; "the ferny shadows of locust leaves"
    पर्याय: fernlike

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