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  1. The standard system is the Haldex Traction fifth generation system from BorgWarner.
  2. Fifth Generation filmmakers reacted against the ideological purity of Cultural Revolution cinema.
  3. That makes him the fifth generation in his family to watch soaps.
  4. William V was a fifth generation descendant of Count Arnold of Angoul�me.
  5. This iPod was updated alongside the iPod Photo and fifth generation iPod.
  6. "I'm the fifth generation of the Lydas in Edneyville, " he said.
  7. In January 1985, the fifth generation Familia / 323 featured many updates.
  8. The exterior styling of fifth generation Preludes was standardized for most models.
  9. The program was a reaction to the Japanese Fifth generation computer project.
  10. Overall most students are fourth and / or fifth generation Zainichi Koreans.

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