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  1. The fourth and fifth metacarpals are connected to the hamate.
  2. X-rays revealed a non-displaced fracture of the fifth metacarpal.
  3. He issued a statement saying he broke the fifth metacarpal on his right hand.
  4. They connect the carpal bones to the bases of the second to fifth metacarpals.
  5. Doctors said he broke the fifth metacarpal.
  6. At least Brown called himself stupid for fracturing the third and fifth metacarpals in his hand.
  7. The Yankees said the fracture of Brown's fifth metacarpal is displaced to the wrist.
  8. Rhodes broke the fifth metacarpal bone of his right hand while trying to take a catch.
  9. They have vestigial second and fifth metacarpals, and their palm extends to the distal interphalangeal joints.
  10. Olazabal broke the fifth metacarpal on his right hand and will be out for three to four weeks.

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