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  1. Alcan took over the plant in 1981; the finished metal provided business for the line.
  2. The group uses imported semi-finished metal bullion as well as metal scrap sourced locally for its manufacturing activities.
  3. The problem was that the finished metal didn't have the same quality surface as steel produced the traditional way.
  4. The usable amount of copper was 162.85 tonnes and the final smelting finished metal was 146.56 tonnes ( Jackson 1980; 24 ).
  5. He could go on working at Ducrouler Finished Metal Products, stacking H-beams, I-beams and sheet steel, a job that promises no future.
  6. At the rear of the site is a small, two-storey building with a steeply pitched gabled roof with a modern colour-finished metal cladding.
  7. In August 2007 ThyssenKrupp Materials North America acquired OnlineMetals . com, a small-quantity distributor of semi-finished metals and plastics based in Seattle, Washington.
  8. During 1975, under company president and chairman, Robert J . Theis, a new line of hand-cast, hand-finished metal tableware and other accessories were introduced.
  9. Alternatively, starter cathodes of pre-refined metal can be used, which become an integral part of the finished metal ready for rolling or further processing.
  10. The exhibition will display a comprehensive array of manufacturing solutions ranging from initial designs to finished metal-related products and the mould and die industries.

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