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  1. The closer I got to the finishing line the harder it got,
  2. Sagan celebrated his victory by doing a wheelie after the finishing line.
  3. Bert re-posts the letter, but once again forgets changing the finishing lines.
  4. During the mid-twenties, Anfield was the finishing line for the city marathon.
  5. Angenent said as he was mobbed at the finishing line by supporters.
  6. Kenya's Leah Malot crossed the finishing line third in 19 : 43.
  7. Angenent said as he was mobbed on the finishing line by supporters.
  8. Patoulidou took advantage and lunged her body forward for the finishing line.
  9. "Steve has crossed the finishing line, " said mission controller Joe Ritchie.
  10. When Papillon crossed the finishing line to win the world's richest punters'favourite.


  1. a line indicating the location of the finish of a race
    पर्याय: finish line

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