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  1. In a sense, Mayall has run a finishing school for the blues.
  2. How does this reflect on the status and reputation of finishing schools?
  3. It is as if Moe or Curly had gone to finishing school.
  4. After finishing school, Vimala got married and she never met Seenu again.
  5. Maxine Powell, from Motown's in-house finishing school, recalls advising the female singers.
  6. After finishing school in London he served during wartime as an engineer.
  7. After finishing school he worked in a brewery and a tin mine.
  8. She attended finishing school in Brussels, and married Peter Kenward in 1932.
  9. The Female Institute had been a famous southern finishing school for girls.
  10. Long retired, he decided to crown a successful career by finishing school.


  1. a private school for girls that emphasizes training in cultural and social activities

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