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  1. This is due to the limited finite conductivity of the layers of soil in the earth.
  2. Because SCM functions even through an insulating layer, a finite conductivity is not required to measure the electrical properties.
  3. Even in a fluid with a finite conductivity, new field is generated by stretching field lines as the fluid moves in ways that deform it.
  4. But some users note that in practice the finite conductivity of metals may produce a similar effect, and a bare G-line can entrain a propagating wave.
  5. The loss of most transmission lines are dominated by the metal loss, which causes a frequency dependency due to finite conductivity of metals, and the skin effect inside a conductor.
  6. For these reasons, and at frequencies available prior to about 1950, the practical disadvantages of such transmission completely outweighed the reduced loss due to the wire's finite conductivity.
  7. They need " not " be real & mdash; complex values correspond to materials with losses, such as conductors with finite conductivity ? ( which is included in ? via \ varepsilon \ rightarrow \ varepsilon + i \ sigma / \ omega ) & mdash; and because of this the reciprocity theorem does " not " require time reversal invariance.

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