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  1. The movement upriver began late in the first dog watch on 14 June.
  2. That assignment occupied her through the afternoon watch and into the first dog watch.
  3. Underway during the first dog watch on 7 February 1945, escorted by the motor wolfpack that its being behind schedule would not permit coordinated practice firing.
  4. During the first dog watch on 13 February 1945, a lookout in " Haddock ", despite poor visibility conditions, spotted two more guardboats lying-to about distant.
  5. She went to general quarters again five more times before the day ended : once during the forenoon watch, thrice during the afternoon watch, and once during the first dog watch.
  6. After returning passengers to " Estes " during the first dog watch, " Bunch " resumed screening and remained with " Estes " through the 7th and into the 8th.
  7. Released from the transport screen later in the day, " Bunch " left TG 52.13's formation early in the first dog watch for a high-speed observation sweep of the objective beaches-White 1, 2, and 3-on Okinawa.
  8. Less than a half hour into the first dog watch on 9 October, while steaming in company with " Chicago ", " Arethusa ", " Goliah ", " Arctic " and " Undaunted ", the yacht spotted another  suspicious object on the surface and went to general quarters.

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