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  1. The first fruit of this relationship was " Mulata " in 2003.
  2. Kwanzaa is taken from the Swahili term for " first fruits ."
  3. This begins the " Blessing of First Fruits " for the year.
  4. Organic growers in Chatham County established their first fruit market in 1982.
  5. The first fruits of Xerox's strategy are big machines known as DocuTechs.
  6. Even as the accord bore first fruit, it came under sharp criticism.
  7. The offering of first fruits was also referred to as new fruits.
  8. In 2003 the caf?marron bore its first fruit with viable seeds.
  9. The word " Kwanzaa " comes from Swahili for " first fruits ."
  10. In turn, set out the ceremony for the bringing of the first fruits.

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