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  1. The concepts of fiscal federalism are related to vertical and horizontal fiscal relations.
  2. The notions related to horizontal fiscal relations are related to regional imbalances and horizontal competition.
  3. The Act would provide a precedent for many types of " special purpose payments " that became a common feature of Australian federal fiscal relations.
  4. This research inquires into emergent forms of economic regulation in the region of the Chad Basin and considers consequential transformations in the nature of fiscal relations and citizenship.
  5. Similarly the notions related to fiscal relations are related to vertical fiscal imbalance between the two senior levels of government, that is the centre and the states / provinces.
  6. The role of the "'OECD Network on Fiscal Relations Across Levels of Government "', part of its Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, is to provide data and analysis on these relationships between organizations at different levels of government.
  7. His work includes books entitled " From Optimal tax theory to tax theory : Retrospective and Prospective views ", " Public Sector Economics ", Welfare Economics, Canadian Tax Policy, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Canada and " Economics and the Canadian Economy " as well as articles in academic journals.
  8. It began in the 1990s as a think tank dedicated to the examination of current issues in China and produced books and issue papers such as " China's Economic Reform " by Walter Galenson, which was presented to China's President Jiang Zemin, and " Fiscal Policy in China Taxation and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations " by Roy W . Bahl.

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