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  1. Bluefin gurnard and blue cod predominate in South Island fish and chips.
  2. We tried out the Hainanese chicken rice, linguine, and fish and chips.
  3. The village also has a fish and chip shop, and hairdressing salons.
  4. Fish and chips are the traditional seafront fare; the Blackpool outlet of
  5. Nobody " posh " would discuss fish and chips, now would they?
  6. Ramsay kicked the team out after Joe undercooked the fish and chips.
  7. "Fish and chips with gravy was the favorite dish, " she recalled.
  8. Food locations served meals such as Whaleburgers along with fish and chips.
  9. There is also a Chinese takeaway and a fish and chip shop.
  10. Some have also diversified to sell kebabs, pizza and fish and chips.


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