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  1. The formation constant, K, of the complex is about 1 but varies with ionic strength.
  2. A typical application in molecular recognition involved the determination of formation constants for complexes formed between a tripodal substituted urea molecule and various saccharides.
  3. In these applications, terms such as stability constant, formation constant, binding constant, affinity constant, association / dissociation constant are used.
  4. Stability constants, formation constants, binding constants, association constants and dissociation constants are all types of "'equilibrium constant " '.
  5. This constant, also referred to as the formation constant, is given the notation of K f and can be calculated through the following method for simple cases:
  6. The main reason that EDTA is used so extensively in the standardization of metal cation solutions is that the formation constant for most metal cation-EDTA complexes is very high, meaning that the equilibrium for the reaction:

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