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  1. Fresnel zone antennas belong to the category of reflector and lens antennas.
  2. The mirror represents a flat roof within region 1 of the Fresnel Zone.
  3. For historical reasons, a flat Fresnel zone antenna is termed a Fresnel zoneplate antenna.
  4. Now the zone surrounding the RF LoS is said to be the Fresnel zone.
  5. Fresnel zone plates are devices that focus light on a fixed point in space.
  6. Based on analysis by Augustin-Jean Fresnel, they are sometimes called "'Fresnel zone plates "'in his honor.
  7. Sure, there are still a slew of experiments with male arboreal crickets and Fresnel Zone Plates.
  8. The pinhole in this case is equivalent to a Fresnel zone plate with a single zone.
  9. This, to some extent, provided a commercial push to the research on Fresnel zone antennas [ 1-5 ].
  10. The strongest signals are on the direct line between transmitter and receiver and always lie in the first Fresnel zone.

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