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  1. A fringing reef is a reef that is attached to an island.
  2. Barrier reefs have at least some deep portions; fringing reefs do not.
  3. Astove Island's fringing reef is just about ( 300 ft ) wide.
  4. Redlip blennies can be found in coral crests and shallow fringing reefs.
  5. It has a fringing reef which is above water at low tide.
  6. Of the close to 3400 individual reefs, 760 are actually fringing reefs.
  7. Fringing reefs and seagrass beds are found in the surrounding waters.
  8. There are six different major ways in which fringing reefs grow and develop.
  9. Reef types include fringing reef, barrier reefs, as well as atolls.
  10. Many of the Great Barrier Reef's components are actually fringing reefs.
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