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  1. Many RFCs have rebounded on the initiating party and been denounced as frivolous or vexatious.
  2. The doctrine of standing prevents applicants from burdening the court with frivolous or vexatious claims.
  3. This was a safeguard against the company's assets being wasted on frivolous or vexatious proceedings.
  4. The Court justified the need for special damage in cases involving public rights to prevent frivolous or vexatious actions.
  5. In this instance I have been warned " " not to file any further frivolous or vexatious enforcement requests " ".
  6. This includes cases which were withdrawn, malformed, out of time, out of jurisdiction or, most commonly, " frivolous or vexatious ".
  7. On Tuesday, High Court Judge Wan Arfah Ibrahim approved Iqbal's appeal for a full trial, saying it was " not frivolous or vexatious and that there is some substance " to his claim.
  8. An important difference between the basis of Professor Janda's conclusions and the concerns of industry is the presumption of how easy, or not, it will be for the Minister receiving a complaint to determine if it is " frivolous or vexatious ".
  9. A request may be refused where the record contains an opinion or report whose disclosure " could reasonably be expected to frustrate the deliberative process in a public body or between public bodies . " Requests that are " manifestly frivolous or vexatious " may also be refused.
  10. Nowadays, he need not stop to think whether his cause of action or defence will hold water or not, and anything which is not obviously frivolous or vexatious will do by way of pleading for the purpose of the trial and for getting the opposite party into the box.

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