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  1. Meanwhile, winds frizzed hair, inflamed allergies and hampered drivers.
  2. When we tried synthetic hats they frizzed up like Afro hairstyles,
  3. Elevated hair, frizzed hair, immovable hair.
  4. Her makeup gets mussed, her hair frizzed.
  5. The extensions should be frizzed up before it is bonded to the real hair.
  6. "When we tried synthetic hats they frizzed up, " he told The Financial Times.
  7. She is small, thin and energetic, with dark nail polish and black curly hair, frizzed out.
  8. The models wore black lipstick and black paint on their fingernails, and their hair was frizzed into bushlike proportions.
  9. And Carrie, beneath her frizzed hair and brassy quips, is as sensitive and vulnerable as any Jane Austen heroine.
  10. Sabrina leaves Long Island a gawky young thing with frizzed hair, geeky glasses and a penchant for wearing peasant frocks.

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