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  1. While the fruitiness is pronounced, it tastes more acidic than delicate.
  2. Both fruitiness and any residual bitterness disappear with age.
  3. Grimes liked the fruitiness too, while Asimov called it lively and zesty.
  4. The best Portuguese reds combine a rich fruitiness with flavors like coffee and chocolate.
  5. Their fruitiness keeps the vinegar from being overpowering.
  6. Hesser and Grimes were impressed by its fruitiness.
  7. But the Mercureys are most notable for their fruitiness, so much red fruit.
  8. Oliver called it juicy, and Asimov found a fruitiness emerging through firm tannins.
  9. Asimov liked the fruitiness, but Prial was put off by a harsh finish.
  10. Cabernet franc can add additional aromas to the bouquet as well as more fruitiness.

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