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  1. You don't gad about Uganda when the Ebola virus is raging.
  2. One to be happy in and another as red bird to gad about town.
  3. Murray, coming to the end of his first season as Kings coach, said that until three weeks ago, he could gad about town fairly anonymously.
  4. But she said Tuesday she's not concerned for her own safety as she gads about toutingthe book : " My husband is traveling with me ."
  5. For the most part, Theroux succeeds in becoming just an old man in flea-market clothes carrying meager possessions who is crazy enough to gad about Africa.
  6. Allen has now made the shaggy-dog story " Sweet and Lowdown, " which gads about America in the company of a self-deluding jazz guitarist ( Sean Penn ).
  7. He also appeared in " Daily Show " segments on November 11, 2009, where he was interviewed by Josh Gad about whether the Cash for Clunkers program had ruined demolition derby and on March 17, 2009 where he said that executives at AIG deserved the " Nobel prize for evil ".

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