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  1. In the main building, the emphasis is on multimedia gadgetry.
  2. The furniture, fixtures and electronic gadgetry still must be sold.
  3. Yet it's all more than high-tech gadgetry.
  4. Trimpin had the most elaborate gadgetry and the most distinctive music.
  5. But modern gadgetry may have found a loophole to that law.
  6. But will such technological gadgetry destroy the soul of the music?
  7. If you like gadgetry, this is the car for you.
  8. Some are technophobes who can't cope with modern gadgetry.
  9. There are no minibars here, no televisions, no gadgetry.
  10. Call it the trickle-down theory of gadgetry and quality.


  1. appliances collectively; "laborsaving gadgetry"

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