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  1. Early Saturday, police tried to detain Abdel-Hamid Gad.
  2. Critics like Gad el-Haq see that as condoning homosexuality.
  3. Gad el-Haq said such a stance contradicted Islamic tradition.
  4. Gad el-Mawalla said the group already has 70 signatures.
  5. Cretu worked alongside Jens Gad during the recording of the album.
  6. Born in ZwitochBowice, Gad represented both Zlsk ZwitochBowice and Poland.
  7. Today the building is the independent Gad's Hill School.
  8. Kava and Gad are the rivers which make Masure very fertile.
  9. According to Ricketts family tradition, Gad Seward built the mansion.
  10. Gad Rausing was born on May 12, 1922, in Stockholm.

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