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  1. The north is counted among the geological era of Holocene.
  2. If it is, it may be the shortest of all geological eras.
  3. Skartaris is overrun by a variety of prehistoric creatures from all geological eras, notably dinosaurs.
  4. :: It would be nice to get more information on deserts in recent geological eras.
  5. He also coined the currently-used names for geological eras, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic.
  6. One can supposedly identify the rock strata of several geological eras with the impacts of these satellites.
  7. The soil of Pessac-L�ognan is composed of gravel terraces with sediments from different geological eras.
  8. The B�llstein gneiss and basalt Otzberg caused by large movements of the earth's crust in two different geological eras:
  9. He also researched on plant remains from older geological eras, such as palaeozoic and mesozoic from the Arctic and tertiary from Japan.
  10. In 1960, using the findings of radiometric dating, he published a geological time scale estimating the age of each geological era.

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